Food Hub Academy

You, as a food professional, want to accelerate the transition to a healthy, sustainable and fair food system. The Food Hub Academy offers you the theory, best practices, experience, changemakers skills and the right network to make a change.

What to expect?

The world of food is constantly changing, rapidly. In what way do complex developments like the nitrogen crisis, farmers protests and climate change influence your daily work or business? What do we actually mean with biodiversity or circularity. What do they mean for you? As a corporate professional, you play an important part in the food chain. To gain a better and thorough understanding of this system around you, we invite you to speak with, learn from and listen to all these people that make up the other parts of the food chain. 

In this Academy you will learn all about the food transition and what your role is in it. Through insight in your personal leadership, you will learn how to take charge of what you want to do in that transition and you will get your hands dirty during the field trips. Last but not least, you will acquire all the skills needed to become a change maker to actually bring forth your ideas. Together with 14 other food professionals you are guided from ideation to pitch ready food solutions that are embedded in and answering to the challenges of today’s food system ánd that fits your role in that system. At the closing of the program you will get the opportunity to present your idea to a bigger audience. 

    • Joris Lohman

      Political scientist Joris Lohman (1986) is co-founder of Food Hub, an organization that enables people to change the world of food. Joris actively connects his theoretical thinking about transitions to a practical reality and in that capacity, he works together with farmers, entrepreneurs, authorities and others to trigger and facilitate food system changes. Moreover, he is concerned with the education of young (food) professionals, to which he often introduces the legendary Sicco Mansholt.

    • Joszi Smeets

      Joszi Smeets (1988) is the other co-founder of Food Hub and the creative director. She founded Food Hub because she believes strongly that the food transition is driven by people and therefore is emotional and cultural. It is so big, yet so small and that is exactly why food is the best tool to make change with. More than 700 students followed her personal leadership course. She believes strongly that it is highly important to optimise the use of your own personality in these changing times.

    • Lelani Lewis

      Lelani Lewis creates inspiring experiences with her innovative and vibrant approach to food. Hailing from South London with Grenadian and Irish heritage, Lelani grew up amongst the diversity of cuisine; learning the ins and outs of global flavours from a young age with favourites such as bara and sweet patato pie.

      She's a chef, public speaker, entrepreneur and she is writing het own cookbook that will come out in 2023. In this course, she will be the moderator of the program.

    • Beatrijs Voorneman

      Beatrijs is a senior designer at Reframing Studio. She has a master’s degree in product design from Delft University of Technology and graduated on improving the welfare of pigs. Her favorite design projects are about the future of food and farming. Her creative mind will help you to look at your own reality from a totally different perspective.

    • Maarten Essenburg

      Maarten Essenburg believes we should not forget to play. He founded the creative collective Kamp Vuur, hosts a podcast about live lessons, brews craft beer and helps young creatives in making a living doing what they love, without losing their soul.

      Over the years he mastered the skill of designing and facilitating strategic workshops and learned the power of having a prototyping mindset. For Food Hub he has spread that mindset while engaging with a wide variety of students.

    • Jeroen van IJzerloo

      Jeroen van IJzerloo is director and co-owner of Food Hub. He is responsible for the operations and finance of Food Hub. With his background as development economist and in Rabobank Nederland, he knows how to translate trends and developments in society to leading your business. Next to Food Hub he is cofounder of 5voor1, a consultancy that advises farmers and MKB on developing their future proof business models.

    • Linda Vermaat

      Linda Vermaat knows as no other how to deliver the perfect pitch. She has over ten years experience on stage as moderator and speaker. She has translated all this knowledge into a pitch training that has been giving to people in various sectors, but mostly to impact entrepreneurs. Her pitch training gives you the building blocks of the perfect pitch, teaches you how to keep your audience engaged, and she will give you some tips to deal with nerves as well.

    What will you learn?


    20/01/23: Kick-off day

    - Conversation with Joris Lohman about the food transition 

    - Training Personal Leadership by Joszi Smeets

    - Online homework Personal Leadership (o.a. videoportret and practical tools)

    - First attempt to define the problem that you want to adress

    10/02/3: Fieldtrip 1 - The Regime

    Why do we do things the way we do them? This first field trip focuses on the current dominant regime. See and hear directly from the people that are working daily within this regime. From farm to table: what are their challenges, wishes and hopes?

    10/03/23: Field trip 2: Innovations 

    How can we do things in another way? This day is about innovations that challenge the current regime. We speak with innovators, from pioneers to first adapters, and hear how they make their own food transition, why they chose this and what challenges they are facing.

    30/03/23: Reframing the Food System

    The world is changing at a rapid speed and you are wondering whether your product or business still fits the needs of the (future) users. With design thinking expert Beatrijs Voorneman of Reframing studio. We will deconstruct the now, reframe your design context and learn how to design for the future.

    14/04/23: A Prototyping Mindset

    During this day, expert Maarten Essenburg will teach you how to easily develop your food idea and how to accelerate its road to success. All together you will acquire an essential mindset for transition: A Prototyping Mindset.

    05/05/23: Finding your Business Focus

    Sometimes you need to take a step back, in order to see the  overall needs of your ambition. Food Hub director Jeroen van IJzerloo will invite you to slow down to go fast. This day is all about learning the right techniques to analyse your project and finding your business focus.

    26/05/23: Pitch Training

    Learn how to pitch you Food Solution. Our trainer Linda Vermaat will give you practical tools and direct feedback that give you all you need to learn how to make a great pitch. After this session you will be able to share all your developments with the world.

    16/06/23: Closing

    In the morning we will host a closing session with your peers. In the afternoon we will be joined by your invitees, colleagues, connected people or family and friends. an important moment with the food movement!

    Get to know the real stories behind the food chain.

    when: the Academy program takes place over the course of six months, starting on the 20th of January 2023, followed by two fieldtrip days on the 10th of February and the 10th of March.

    Online days will be on the 30th of March, the 14th of April, the 5th of May and the 26th of May.

    The final day is on the 16th of June.

    where: various locations within the Dutch landscape and online.

    for who: for curious food professionals who are looking for tools to change the world of food.

    costs: €3750,-

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    Food Hub Academy

    The Food Hub Academy introduces you to the stories from within the food system. The program guides you towards your solution for food and agriculture related issues in your context. 

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    What do I need for this Academy?

    Nothing at all! An open, curious mind is a plus.

    When can I start?

    We start on the 20th of January 2023.

    How long is this Academy?

    The Academy program takes place over the course of six months. For the days on which we will meet up, you will have about half a day of preparation. The online Food Hub Learning Journey is based on self paced learning. You can take as little or as much time as you want but we recommend to follow all the materials in the rhythm of the academy during the six months that it takes. We will encourage you by weekly mailings. After the Academy, you will have unlimited access to the materials.

    What if I'm not satisfied with this Academy?

    We are confident about the quality of our education, and we trust that you will be too. However, if you have completed the course and feel like you have not learned anything or did not find it useful, we offer a full money refund within fifteen days.

    What if I have more questions?

    Send us an e-mail at or DM us on instagram (@foodhub_org) and we will get back to you as soon as possible!