Finding your business focus

Welcome to finding your business focus!
This online course, developed by Food Hub, will teach you all about creating a sustainable business plan for your food idea.

Why take this course?

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Meet the expert

Jeroen van IJzerloo is director and co-owner of Food Hub. He is responsible for the operations and finance of Food Hub. With his background as development economist and in Rabobank Nederland, he knows how to translate trends and developments in society to leading your business. Next to Food Hub he is cofounder of 5voor1, a consultancy that advises farmers and MKB on developing their future proof business models.

Meet your instructor

Lelani Lewis is your guide for this course. Lelani will take you through this course from A to Z. As initiator of Code Noir, she organizes interactive pop-up dinners exploring the culinary history of the Caribbean. {UITBREIDEN}

Lelani is also founder of Whisk Food Studio, and busy writing a cookbook.
Lelani: "The more you try, the more you fail, the more you know which way you need to go."

What will you learn?

Course curriculum

Welcome to Food Hub

Hi there (video)!

Let's get started

Introduction video

Course workbook

Example student

You x your company

The magic of zooming in and out

Zoom out: your company's ecosystem

Zoom in: your competences and limitations

Business Model Canvas

What is BMC?

How do I create a BMC?

How does BMC assist me?

Your Business Model Canvas

Fill out your BMC

Value proposition

Customer segments

Customer relationships & channels


Key resources & key partners

Key activities


Data analysis

Key activities vs value proposition

Customer segments vs customer relations

Income versus value proposition and customer segments

Key factors vs costs

Next steps

Your BMC harvest and finding focus

Wrap up

Curated sources


We love to hear from you

What is included in the course?

➕ 9 instruction videos (including subtitles and full transcripts)

➕ A video portrait of Jeroen van IJzerloo, the BMC expert

➕ Your personal workbook

➕ Example casestudy

➕ Carefully curated sources for additional learning

➕ Unlimited access (including future course updates)

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Finding your business focus

Create sustainable businessplan for your food idea.

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What do I need to take this course?

You need a digital device, internet and an idea. That's the beauty of it: you can take the course in the comfort of your own home, in your own time. We do recommend that you print the coursebook (which is sustainably designed so that it won't take to much ink).

How long does the course take?

This course is based on self paced learning. You can take as little or as much time as you want. However, we suggest you to divide the course workload into 3-5 separate moments.

When can I start?

Your course login will be available from June. After that, you can start any time you want.

What if I have questions?

If you come across any technical difficulties, feel free to reach out to We will try to help you as soon as possible.